Income Protector just had to be created, as part of the natural evolution of financial services in the UK. 
Some 23 years ago, the new firm’s elder sibling - AFP Mortgages & Business – welcomed an NHS professional as one of its initial clients. Throughout the subsequent years, we have been very proud to add so very many NHS professionals to our valued client-bank. 
Having recognised the very real importance of Income Protection Insurance, AFP Mortgages & Business had to establish Income Protector - a complimentary business devoted solely to income protection - a specialist adviser in such a significant area of financial advice. 
Ask yourself, what is your biggest asset? 
It is astonishing that people prioritise mobile phone insurance, pet insurance, breakdown cover and home insurance etc. instead of the very resource that buys all those possessions – income! Protecting your main asset – your ability to earn an income - is surely one of the most valuable forms of insurance. Income Protection will help you to maintain your lifestyle and pay those bills, cover your rent or mortgage, at the time financial security is needed most. 
The Covid-19 crisis, and our experience of living through it, has surely helped all of us to understand the importance of insuring our income? 
1. Our NHS clients - doctors, dentists, surgeons, nurses and midwives – know that they are not immune from illness or injury and we stress to them that they should protect themselves against the financial impact of not being able to work. The same NHS doctors, dentists, surgeons, nurses and midwives are intelligent, well-educated and should enjoy successful careers. Furthermore, they know that they should command regular and reliable incomes for their working lives … if they are able to work. 
How many other NHS professionals have taken steps to financially protect their income? 
According to Which? Magazine, an insurance policy most working adults in the UK should have in place is the very one that most don’t even consider – income protection. 
2. We have a thorough knowledge of the NHS Sickness Absence Policy and we’ll recommend specially tailored income protection arrangements that pay-out in tandem with your NHS sick pay. We’ll match the ‘waiting time’ before the monthly insurance pay-out to the NHS sick pay scheme. 
Because of the complexities of the subject, more so in respect of the NHS Sickness Absence Policy, a financial adviser who dabbles in Income Protection or a Price-Comparison website cannot replicate the knowledge and service of a specialist in this insurance arena. We know the strengths and weak spots for each insurance company. Some of our clients are not directly employed by the NHS, yet, they are still covered by the NHS Sickness Pay e.g. GP’s, and therefore are still eligible for this attractive income protection arrangement. 
Overall, only an Income Protection specialist will be able to advise you which insurers have strong proposition for your particular circumstances and NHS sick pay arrangements and of course, which of those insurers will offer you the most suitable additional benefits. 
3. We know that additional benefits really do add value to the core financial benefit of income protection insurance. We know that income protection is evolving and it is becoming more of a ‘service’. Not only does income protection insurance provide financial support when it’s needed most, it can also help people to recover and get their lives back on track, via the range of additional benefits that are often enhancements to the policy. 
For instance, your policy might give you access to: 
Hospitalisation Benefit (pays out per day if you require a stay in hospital) 
Family Carer Benefit (if your spouse or children are left unable to perform a selection of tasks related to daily living for a period of time, you’ll receive a benefit) 
Access to Helplines e.g. for legal advice, counselling, therapy and nursing support 
Fracture Cover (pays a specified sum if you sustain a fracture) 
Access to Remote GP services, via telephone or mobile app 
Rehabilitation Support Service, at no extra cost, for example, triage, full rehab assessments, ongoing reviews and files’ reviews. Whether the problem is physical or mental health related, this service gives access to early intervention treatments and also to a team of healthcare professionals. Trained nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists are on hand to offer specialist advice and to help facilitate a successful return to work 
Free ‘lifestyle gifts’ in exchange for healthy living, (e.g. fitness trackers, cinema tickets and high street discounts). 
Such additional benefits offer meaningful practical support and value to clients and their families. 
4. We know that other benefits may be attractive to some NHS professionals, and those benefits can also be included in some income protection policies, for example: 
Sabbatical Cover – if you want to study, travel or take time out to raise a family, there is the option to continue with the insurance cover, as though you are still at work (the benefit will only be paid for a maximum of 12 months in such cases). 
Overseas Cover – you may wish to take your cover with you to other countries, including North America, Australia, France, Germany and Spain. 
5. We want you to be a ‘client for life’ and if there is one certainty, it is that you cannot be sure what your circumstances will be in the future. Regular changes to your earned income and expenditure can mean that an Income Protection policy put in place a couple of years ago could now be inadequate for your current circumstances. We will review your income protection policy regularly. 
More reasons to talk to Income Protector: 
Income Protector’s quote engine will provide you with discounted quotations from the insurance companies – cheaper premiums for you than if you directly approach insurers 
We do not charge a fee for our service 
We are not tied to an insurance company – we are independent and impartial and you will receive regulated advice (we are responsible for the advice we give you and if you buy a policy directly from an insurance company, you won’t have such protection) 
Your contact at Income Protector will be a dedicated expert, with a direct telephone number and email address 
For more information on Income Protection for NHS Professionals, please contact 
Nigel Osgood, Independent Mortgage Broker & Insurance Adviser 
T: 01628 594433 


For an in-depth overview of income protection insurance, download our free guide 


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